Playing About with Canva and Photoshop

I’m one of those annoying people who hate being bored at work so actively go out to find more work. A big part of it is that I hate being bored and watching the clock drag around til home time. But there’s also a part of me that loves to play with stuff and that’s what I’ve been doing this week: I’ve completed tasks, found myself a little bored and began to play with programmes in my laptop and online.

In a previous job, I was lucky enough to be trained on InDesign and Photoshop, so I’ve been doing a bit of work with the latter putting together some web-post headings and social media posts for clients. I’ve also been on Canva (I love Canva, not being a graphic designer, Canva gives me access to some great designs free – it’s brilliant).

Here’s a couple coming up now:

Deafblind Scotland’s Santa Dash Facebook blog post which I put together on Canva. It was pretty straightforward to do and provides a bit of humour in a post that’s easy to read and understand. BTW do sign up if you fancy doing something for charity, they are a great charity to support.

Here’s a generic social media post for a cleaning company I work for. I just wanted to encapsulate the feelings of the nights drawing in, cold air, damp and cosy evenings indoors with a cuppa. The image is a stock pic and I did this one on Canva too.

And this one I put together on Photoshop for another blog I do called The Canny Lass as a web post image. Haven’t used it yet, but I will do shortly. Again, it’s all about the changing of the season, about the warm colours of autumn with the message to use less. The Canny Lass is about being more environmentally aware whilst still saving money. It’s only just started, but I’ve got lots of ideas. This is my hobby blog as I do this one for my PR and Social Media Marketing business and for my writing.

The next couple of months are a dream for someone working in PR – for the visuals more than anything else. First we’ve got autumn and Halloween, then Guy Fawkes, St Andrew’s Day and then Christmas. So there will be lots of seasonal (and colourful) images being used over the coming weeks in my blogs and my clients’ social media posts. I love this time of year simply for that! I’m not one for being laid back in my colour schemes – yes, the current trend for minimalist is lovely, but I love colour and I try to include that in everything I do (unless my client doesn’t want it, of course!). The other thing I love about this time of year is there’s lots of things I can talk about in blog posts and social media posts regarding dealing with the wintry weather, staying warm and cosy, sharing recipes, looking after the house and care, all sorts. Can’t wait to start.

Okay, I am two minutes over my allotted time to write this blog post. I’m trying out a new scheme whereby I have set times to do different tasks. So far, it’s not worked out that well. Some things took longer than others, some less. Sigh. One can but try.

Dawn x

A Castle, A Broken Phone and the Proclaimers

Eilean Donan Castle

So, I thought I’d begin this first official blog off with a pic of one of the nicest places I’ve been to. Eilean Donan Castle is in Ross and Cromarty, Scotland on a small island where three lochs meet. I visited there just over three years ago with weans and my late husband in tow. It was the last weekend away I had with Ian and the kids and we were staying near Oban. However, we arrived too early to get into our hired cottage so we kept driving north to get to here. It’s a small castle, but definitely worth going to see. It was a ruin but was rebuilt in the early 20th century. You may recognise it from the film Highlander and various other films and tv shows.

Why did I put the picture up? No reason other than I like castles and am sharing some info on one of my favourites.

So, how has your week been? I’ve been doing a lot of networking and meeting business people in and around Glasgow. I attended First Wednesday the other week, which is a networking group for businesses in Glasgow in the Village Hotel. Firstly, can I say how impressed I was by the hotel. It’s only been open a short while, but it’s got loads going for it: a gym, coffee shop, nice bar and restaurant. And it was a good place to meet people. I decided a long time ago that I would no longer be shy so I just breezed in and started talking to people. It was good and I met some really interesting people, foisted my business card on to them and am hoping for the best. I’ll go back to the group again next month.

I’ve also been looking at doing some free training with Business Gateway. I am the sort of person who never thinks I know enough so I will go to any training that’s offered to me. You just never know what you’re going to pick up. Well, on the first course I did I met a young man called Khalid who is running Cell Rescue, which is a company which fixes broken mobile phones in your home or at your office. My mobile was broken – the lens of the camera was smashed somehow – so I got him to come out to my home to fix it. Ten minutes later he was done. And the phone is as good as new. Now I’m back to taking pics and happy as Larry. And it didn’t cost the earth.

I also met with Ania of Unique Studios who produces really lovely wedding stationery, business branding and other services. She’s a lovely lady who is originally from Poland and we had a great meeting. I’m hoping to be able to work with her in the future. If not, I hope to see her at some of the women’s business groups I’m a member of.

Some work I have been doing this week includes a winter campaign for Deaf Blind Scotland. They’re holding a Santa Dash on December 1, 2019 in Victoria Park, Glasgow. So, I’ve been doing some social media around that.

Have also increased the Facebook fans of a cleaning company I work for. Domestic Solutions offer a whole load of services including cleaning. I have a number of posts running for them including the one above and I’ve been trying to inject a bit of humour in them. Hopefully, their fans will like the humour.

In order to be at the top of my game where websites and social media are concerned, I’ve been looking at doing additional training on SEO. As a start I’ve invested in Enge, Spencer and Stricchiola’s The Art of SEO which gets a great write up on Amazon. It’s a tome of a book though, so I expect to still be reading it in three months time!!

Okay, so I’m going to end this post here with this meme that I’ve been using on my author website, which sums up my PR and social media business too! Enjoy!