Back and raring to go!!

A happy New Year to you all and I hope you’ve had a great time over the festive period.

I took a couple of weeks off mainly to recharge the old batteries and it’s worked. I’m back all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I don’t hold with working til you drop and the week before Christmas I was feeling more than a little jaded. I don’t work well creatively when I feel like that which is why I shut up shop the week before Christmas instead of the week of Christmas.

And I feel great. I am so ready to take on the world!

So how was your festive period? Did you manage to rest and recharge. I think it’s really important to take time away from your job. Even though social media never stops, it’s imperative you do. Firstly, taking a holiday – even one at home as I did – has been proven to improve productivity. I can vouch for this from past working experience: when I first started working in journalism and PR, I worked full time. When I had my first child, I cut my hours down to 24 hours over three days to allow me time to not only spend time with my kids, but to get things down around the house. I swear to God that I got more done in those 24 hours (8 hours per day for three days) than I ever got done in a week. That’s because I was more focused.

In order to allow myself time off over Christmas, I worked hard the week before to compose and schedule social media posts for my clients. That meant that not only did I not have to worry about getting posts signed off and out over the festive period, annoying my clients, but my clients got a break too.

Having a break is also good for your physical and mental health. I am far more creative and fun if I have lots of breaks rather than constantly having my nose in my laptop beavering away. Taking any break also helps reduce stress, which can lead to anxiety and depression, and other ailments.

It was also good to be around for the kids over the festive period. If I am working when they are at home I can’t fully give them or my work the attention they deserve. In saying that I have a teen and a pre-teen and they don’t want to spend time with me anyway! Thank God for the dogs – at least they want to spend time with me! 🙂

Finally, having taken time off, I was able to get interested in and have the time for other things which not only sparks my imagination (which is something you need to do social media) but allowed me to daydream. It’s when I daydream that my best ideas come to me.

Anyway, I have wittered on enough. Take some time for yourself, chill out and just enjoy life.

Dawn xxx


Hey everyone, how’s things? Hope you’re all good. I can’t believe it’s been around three weeks since my last post. What’s happening? Normally I’m a minimum of a post a week on my blogs, but recently life has been so busy that I’ve just not had the time. Or the energy. So, with that in mind, I’ve decided to close up early to enjoy my Christmas holidays and recharge the batteries. I will be back in January all bright eyed and busy tailed.

Right, I only have one more thing to do and that is to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Dawn xx

Stimulating discussion, geeking out and Tik Tok

I’m putting up a pic that has nothing to do with the article in the hope that a “cute doggy” image will generate more likes 😉

It’s been a bit of a sticky kind of week. I won’t go into details, but needless-to-say, it wasn’t one I want to repeat. You know how you have those weeks? The ones that start out okay and then descend into chaos by the end of it? That was my week last week.

However, so far, this week is turning out okay. It’s only Monday, but I am hopeful it will be a good one! 🙂

Last week I had a meeting with the MD/SEO of a company that does search engine optimisation for websites, mainly. They do social media too, but search engine optimisation seems to be their main business. And a very interesting chat it was too. I was there to see if I could bend the ear of Alan, the aforementioned MD/SEO, and chat about social media and search engine optimisation. And learn I did. But that was not all we talked about. We spent some of the time geeking out on our shared interests in fantasy and science fiction. I do love that when you meet someone that likes the same things as you. Anyway, thank you Alan for taking the time out of your busy day to chat to me and for giving me tips and advice on social media and SEO. A most interesting and stimulating discussion.

So back to social media, and I’ve been looking into Tik Tok, which is all about the creation and uploading of short video to “inspire creativity and bring joy”. Certainly there’s a lot of daft videos uploaded there and some of them are funny. What’s interesting is that amount of likes something as (let’s face it) not that interesting as creating a glass Christmas decoration got 2.2 million likes. There’s a girl and her two dogs spelling out Love who got 2.3 million likes. I wonder, is there something daft I could do to generate that many likes? Hmmm.


Why I love WhatsApp

When I first downloaded WhatsApp, I initially couldn’t see how it would benefit me. I already had Facebook and Twitter, so why would I need this? However, as I began using it for private chats with family members, it very quickly grew on me.

If you don’t know much about WhatsApp, let me tell you a little bit about it. It’s an app that allows you to talk privately to individuals and/or groups of people. It’s great for people like me – I have a number of different friends’ groups set up on it plus one for my immediate family.

I share pics of the kids and my animals, chat about various things and organise meet-ups. Last week, I shared pics and my views on my trip to Austria to visit a friend. My mobile isn’t set up to work abroad – I don’t go abroad enough to need it – so I kept in touch with family and friends via WhatsApp. I let them know I had arrived safely, shared pics of places I had seen and kept in touch with the latest family/friends news.

‘But you can do all that on Facebook’ I hear you cry. You can, but WhatsApp somehow feels more private plus you can talk to a number of people in the same conversation in real time.

Anyway, what’s your views on WhatsApp?

Dawn x