A round-up of some of the latest news stories on Social Media

Tinder will soon be able to get a background check on potential love matches

Hello and how are you all today? Hope all is well in your life and you’re enjoying this gloriously sunny day (well it is in Scotland).

Today I’m going to look at some interesting articles online about social media – things that have caught my eye.

Background Checks

Okay, so let’s start with this story in Metro which states that Tinder users will soon be able to get a background check on potential love matches. This is a great idea especially for women. And especially in the light of the past week’s stories about the murder of Sarah Everard and the campaign to raise awareness of violence against women. As a woman and a mother of a teen daughter, anything that protects her, me and other women from a potential abuser is great. Of course, the same goes for men. I think this is only to be welcomed.

Instagram is introducing new tools to protect youngsters online.

On Social Media Today, there’s a story about Instagram adding new tools to protect youngsters when online. Something that all parents will welcome.

New newsletter platform for Facebook.

New Newsletter Platform

And Facebook have announced plans for a new newsletter platform to help creators pull in more revenue. A spokesperson from Facebook said: “As writers, experts and journalists publish more of their work independently, we’re working to better support those efforts and make it easier for those content creators to build businesses online. In the coming months in the U.S., we’ll introduce a new platform to empower independent writers, helping them reach new audiences and grow their businesses.”

Warning from campaigners about free speech being under threat in UK.

Finally, i is running an exclusive story stating campaigners are warning that new social media laws will give US tech giants the power to regulate free speech in the UK.


Social Media in the News

Once again, I’ve been looking through online news to find out social media news that I find interesting. For instance, have you got an ecommerce site? Then you might want to take a gander at this article: 10 eCommerce Trends All Online Shop Owners Need to Know in 2021 [Infographic] | Social Media Today It’s all about the ecommerce trends for this coming year. This includes the view that ecommerce sales with rise by a third and that more shops will be using augmented reality technologies.

In other social media news:



Instagram’s new stickers, loan sharks and why we hate-follow

Busy, busy, busy like a little busy bee.

Hey everyone. Just a quick catch-up this week. It’s been a bit of a mad time recently: I’ve lost a client and gained another one and I’ve joined Freelancer to get some additional work in. I’ve also applied for a couple of part-time freelance posts which means I can keep my small social media business open whilst earning money elsewhere. It’s quite an exciting time right now and incredibly busy, but it’s just the way I like it.

So, there’s been lots happening in social media lately. Here’s a quick round-up of the latest news that caught my eye:

Right, that’s it for this week. I’ve got a tonne of things to do before I finish up today. Til next time.

Dawn xx

Social Media in the News and other stuff

Hi, how’s it going? Hope you’ve had a busy and prosperous week. As I write this I’ve already had a busy week – and it’s only Tuesday. Today alone I wrote 28 social media posts for two clients – that’s 14 each. It’s time consuming and draining, but I enjoy doing it.

Social media in the news

Here’s a report on how Small to Medium Businesses (SMB) are doing social media. Facebook is still way out ahead in being used to promote their businesses, but many are keen to crack Tik TokI: How SMBs are Tackling Social Media Marketing [Infographic] | Social Media Today

Also in Social Media Today, Instagram is sharing tips on effective influencer marketing: Instagram Shares Tips on Effective Influencer Marketing | Social Media Today

Here’s a case of Facebook allegedly continuing to allow the Honduran president’s campaign of manipulation: Facebook knew of Honduran president’s manipulation campaign – and let it continue for 11 months | Technology | The Guardian

And a good news story for Africa, Twitter is preparing to open its first office on the continent in Ghana: Twitter advertises jobs in Ghana as it prepares to open first Africa office | Ghana | The Guardian

So, how has your week of social media been doing? Has anyone come across any great campaigns they want to share? If so get in touch.

Frugal tips

This week, for one client who is not back doing what they do best, I’ve been continuing with frugal tips around the home. My client is a cleaning company (but they are way more than just that), but as I can’t promote their business because they are not allowed to currently work in people’s houses, I’ve been trying to give their clients some great advice. This includes how to be more frugal around the home and how to fix things using items you’d never think of using (such as a clean tennis ball to remove shoe marks from your tiled floor). I’ve actually had some great feedback on this tactic, people seem to like the tips.

For my other clients, who have been able to keep their businesses going, it’s been business as usual.

Right, I’m going to finish up here. I have a tonne of work still to do before dinner time. Til next time.


Social Media in the News and Other Stuff

So Tik Tok are continuing their meteoric rise and adding new visual effects that no doubt I’ll have to view frequently as my teen daughter tries them out.

If you’re interested in finding out more about it, read the article: TikTok Adds New Music-Triggered Visual Effects Tools | Social Media Today

What I’m more interested in is that LinkedIn have added video cover stories and creator mode to their profile features. As I’ve said before, video is the way to go and I really must start doing them. My problem is finding the time, but I’m thinking I’m going to have to make the time for it. Anyway, more on that story here: LinkedIn Adds New Profile Features, Including Video Cover Stories and ‘Creator Mode’ | Social Media Today

Talking about making videos and vlogging specifically, digitaltrends have an article on the best vlogging cameras: The Best Vlogging Cameras for 2021 | Digital Trends

And there’s been another Facebook data breach, this time in Australia: Facebook data leak: Australians urged to check and secure social media accounts | Facebook | The Guardian

Right, so that’s the round-up of the news that interested me recently. Til next time.


Some interesting articles and inspirational quotes

I cannot believe it’s nearly Easter (Happy Easter when it comes). This year has flown in. We’re a quarter of the way through 2021 already – can you believe it?

Anyway, how’s things been with you? I’m still trundling along. I can tell you, life is busy and hopefully will get busier as workplaces start to open up again and I can sign up more clients. Fingers crossed.

Right, so this week, I’ve been looking through interesting Social Media stories. Here’s some that I’ve found:

So, what have I been doing social media-wise over the last couple of weeks? Just more of the same at the moment: promoting clients’ services and trying to offer some useful information to readers. I’ve also been upping my own social media presence for my author business, using inspirational quotes. I thought I’d share some of those this week. I’ve opted for some eye-catching images to go along with each quote.

Thanks for joining me this week. Speak to you very soon.


Pinterest continues its meteoric rise

One of my Pinterest Pins – inspirational quotes

I’ve been reading the odd article on social media and I’m pleased to see on Social Media Today that Pinterest continues its success. Its user numbers continue to rise and they now have 459 million users worldwide.

This is a platform my late husband could never get his head around. He just couldn’t see the attraction. However, I love Pinterest. I see it as my online scrapbook of dreams and hopes and fantasies. I have a board full of beautiful images of clothes of different eras. I have a board for book covers I love. I have a board for castles. If I’m looking to decorate the house, I set up boards for the various rooms and seek out images of kitchens and bedrooms and bathrooms I like for inspiration.

For work, I use Pinterest to promote my books and myself as an author and social media creative. I scan it for ideas for posts and pins for clients. It’s an inspiration for me.

And for others, Pinterest gives them access to images of holiday destinations or cars they dream of buying or homes they want to buy.

It’s a useful resource for seeing an image or video you like somewhere else and saving it to Pinterest for future viewing.

For businesses, Pinterest is a superb platform for promoting what they do, for showcasing new items. You can also pay for promoted Pins and videos. Google and Pinterest are very compatible so Pinterest is much more searchable than Instagram. Here’s a brief article I wrote last year about some training I took to improve my knowledge of Pinterest. If you want to read the article on Social Media Today it’s here.

Right, that’s me for just now. I am away to put on my other hat as screenwriter. Til next time.

Dawn xx

Rosser Reeves, David Ogilvy and Why I’m Reading their Book

Have just invested in a copy of the classic The Art of Writing Advertising by a range of ad men who were true masters of their careers in the mid 2oth century: Bill Bernbach, Leo Burnett, George Gribbin, David Ogilvy, and Rosser Reeves. Now, I know that things have moved on a fair bit since their golden age (think 1950s-1970s, maybe a little later) but I do think they still have wisdom to impart.

Although we are now in the digital age, the bones of advertising still haven’t changed: you have a product you want to sell, you know (because you’ve done your homework) there are people out there who want to buy that product, advertising is how you get their attention about said product. So, what were their ideas about writing advertising copy and what can I learn from them today?

Just to make you aware, my background isn’t advertising or marketing. It’s journalism and PR. I am a wordsmith, but am fascinated by the world of advertising and marketing. Particularly, what is it about one campaign or advert that makes everyone want to buy the product? Is it the product itself? Is it the lifestyle is proffers to offer? Or something else?

Anyway, I am always up for learning something new and I hope that’s what this book will provide. I’ll let you know how I get on. If anything, it’ll be interesting to read.

So how’s your week been? Hopefully, it’s been fine. I won’t say good because we’re all in lockdown here in the UK and it’s getting to everyone. The best we can hope for is to have a non-dull and productive day! And I have been having many of those. I’ve been beavering away on my social media business and my author one. It’s busy, but it’s fulfilling.

Right, I’m going to love you and leave you. Hopefully the book will arrive within the next couple of days and I can start reading it.

Dawn x

Some quirky tips and quotes

Hello and how are you? Hope you’re all well. I’ve been beavering away as usual at my social media business, and I’m sharing some of those images on here.

For my social media posts, I try and give my client’s clients more than just a sales pitch. I like to give them a wee bit more such as the household tips above.

And inspirational quotes for another client (see above) or quotes from famous authors (for my author site) below.

I like to find the quirky images and interesting quotes and sayings. It amuses me and I hope it also amuses the people who read them.

Before I go today, here’s another selection of quotes and quirky images…

Images are from Canva. I pay for a Premium account and it’s been very worthwhile doing that.

Right, I’m off to make dinner for the weans. Until next time.

Dawn xx