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I cannot believe it’s nearly Easter (Happy Easter when it comes). This year has flown in. We’re a quarter of the way through 2021 already – can you believe it?

Anyway, how’s things been with you? I’m still trundling along. I can tell you, life is busy and hopefully will get busier as workplaces start to open up again and I can sign up more clients. Fingers crossed.

Right, so this week, I’ve been looking through interesting Social Media stories. Here’s some that I’ve found:

So, what have I been doing social media-wise over the last couple of weeks? Just more of the same at the moment: promoting clients’ services and trying to offer some useful information to readers. I’ve also been upping my own social media presence for my author business, using inspirational quotes. I thought I’d share some of those this week. I’ve opted for some eye-catching images to go along with each quote.

Thanks for joining me this week. Speak to you very soon.


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