A round-up of some of the latest news stories on Social Media

Tinder will soon be able to get a background check on potential love matches

Hello and how are you all today? Hope all is well in your life and you’re enjoying this gloriously sunny day (well it is in Scotland).

Today I’m going to look at some interesting articles online about social media – things that have caught my eye.

Background Checks

Okay, so let’s start with this story in Metro which states that Tinder users will soon be able to get a background check on potential love matches. This is a great idea especially for women. And especially in the light of the past week’s stories about the murder of Sarah Everard and the campaign to raise awareness of violence against women. As a woman and a mother of a teen daughter, anything that protects her, me and other women from a potential abuser is great. Of course, the same goes for men. I think this is only to be welcomed.

Instagram is introducing new tools to protect youngsters online.

On Social Media Today, there’s a story about Instagram adding new tools to protect youngsters when online. Something that all parents will welcome.

New newsletter platform for Facebook.

New Newsletter Platform

And Facebook have announced plans for a new newsletter platform to help creators pull in more revenue. A spokesperson from Facebook said: “As writers, experts and journalists publish more of their work independently, we’re working to better support those efforts and make it easier for those content creators to build businesses online. In the coming months in the U.S., we’ll introduce a new platform to empower independent writers, helping them reach new audiences and grow their businesses.”

Warning from campaigners about free speech being under threat in UK.

Finally, i is running an exclusive story stating campaigners are warning that new social media laws will give US tech giants the power to regulate free speech in the UK.


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