Pinterest continues its meteoric rise

One of my Pinterest Pins – inspirational quotes

I’ve been reading the odd article on social media and I’m pleased to see on Social Media Today that Pinterest continues its success. Its user numbers continue to rise and they now have 459 million users worldwide.

This is a platform my late husband could never get his head around. He just couldn’t see the attraction. However, I love Pinterest. I see it as my online scrapbook of dreams and hopes and fantasies. I have a board full of beautiful images of clothes of different eras. I have a board for book covers I love. I have a board for castles. If I’m looking to decorate the house, I set up boards for the various rooms and seek out images of kitchens and bedrooms and bathrooms I like for inspiration.

For work, I use Pinterest to promote my books and myself as an author and social media creative. I scan it for ideas for posts and pins for clients. It’s an inspiration for me.

And for others, Pinterest gives them access to images of holiday destinations or cars they dream of buying or homes they want to buy.

It’s a useful resource for seeing an image or video you like somewhere else and saving it to Pinterest for future viewing.

For businesses, Pinterest is a superb platform for promoting what they do, for showcasing new items. You can also pay for promoted Pins and videos. Google and Pinterest are very compatible so Pinterest is much more searchable than Instagram. Here’s a brief article I wrote last year about some training I took to improve my knowledge of Pinterest. If you want to read the article on Social Media Today it’s here.

Right, that’s me for just now. I am away to put on my other hat as screenwriter. Til next time.

Dawn xx

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