Rosser Reeves, David Ogilvy and Why I’m Reading their Book

Have just invested in a copy of the classic The Art of Writing Advertising by a range of ad men who were true masters of their careers in the mid 2oth century: Bill Bernbach, Leo Burnett, George Gribbin, David Ogilvy, and Rosser Reeves. Now, I know that things have moved on a fair bit since their golden age (think 1950s-1970s, maybe a little later) but I do think they still have wisdom to impart.

Although we are now in the digital age, the bones of advertising still haven’t changed: you have a product you want to sell, you know (because you’ve done your homework) there are people out there who want to buy that product, advertising is how you get their attention about said product. So, what were their ideas about writing advertising copy and what can I learn from them today?

Just to make you aware, my background isn’t advertising or marketing. It’s journalism and PR. I am a wordsmith, but am fascinated by the world of advertising and marketing. Particularly, what is it about one campaign or advert that makes everyone want to buy the product? Is it the product itself? Is it the lifestyle is proffers to offer? Or something else?

Anyway, I am always up for learning something new and I hope that’s what this book will provide. I’ll let you know how I get on. If anything, it’ll be interesting to read.

So how’s your week been? Hopefully, it’s been fine. I won’t say good because we’re all in lockdown here in the UK and it’s getting to everyone. The best we can hope for is to have a non-dull and productive day! And I have been having many of those. I’ve been beavering away on my social media business and my author one. It’s busy, but it’s fulfilling.

Right, I’m going to love you and leave you. Hopefully the book will arrive within the next couple of days and I can start reading it.

Dawn x

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