Quotes and Why it’s Worth Learning How to Create Videos

Hi everyone. How are you today? Still reeling from the pandemic and what’s been happening in the US (I really hope there is no further violence there)?

I’ve had a busy week creating social media posts and actually found the time to do some social media for me as an author (see images used in this post). The quote above by the fantastic Jim Henson is one of my favourites. I find it really inspiring.


There are people out there who believe if they just wait, good things will happen and if they don’t, it’s the fault of someone else. I am not that type of person, I’m more a MIH (Make it Happen) type of person. Life will not give you anything if you just sit back and wait for it to happen. You have to do it for yourself.

That’s why I set up my own social media/PR business. I’ve always wanted to work for myself so I made it happen. I’m keeping it small so that I can manage it without getting stressed or over-working (life is way too short to be always glued to my laptop) and, equally as important, give my clients a great service.

I love it

I love thinking up new ways to promote their businesses and one of those ways is creating small videos. I don’t have a lot of spare cash, so I use a free app – Win Moviemaker – to create short videos promoting my clients’ services. It looks great, is more eye catching that just an image and I get to flex my creative muscles doing it.

So, how did I do it? I learned how to create videos via a free Business Gateway training session (Business Gateway are really impressive by the way). We were taught how to create a short video on our mobile phones and I’ve taken what I learned and used it for the business. I can create videos out of stills or video footage shot by the client. I clean up the video, put wording over the top and a music layer.


It’s really simple to do once you know how and I’d recommend you learn how to do it. More and more people are putting up videos to promote their business, especially on sites such as Tik Tok, so it’s really worth learning how to do it. There are also studies showing that videos lead to more customer engagement which is exactly what every business needs and wants. So get on to Business Gateway and book your training or go online and find out how to do it. You’ll not regret it.

Right, I am going to finish up now and say bye for now. I have a whole pile of social media posts to create for a client for tonight and need to get on. Speak soon.


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