A sneak peek into some of the things I’ve been doing recently

So, this is me back after several weeks away. What can I say? The pre-Christmas period is extremely busy for me and things were dropped. Unfortunately, my blogs went on to the back burner until now. But I’m back now and I intend to be online more.

Although I’ve not been blogging, I have been working hard putting out social media posts for my clients. For one, a cleaning company, I’ve had to drop promoting their business for now (they are not an essential service), so I’m doing a campaign promoting how to keep fit and healthy during the winter lockdown, save money and energy. Here are a few of my favourite posts from that:

The idea was to encourage viewers to be as fit and healthy physically, mentally and financially as you can. Obviously these images came with more information about how you go about it. This campaign is continuing into next week.

For my author business, I’ve produce a few author quotes images that I’ll be setting up tonight to start running tomorrow. Want a wee sneak peek? Here you go:

It’s only when I started uploading these images that I realise I have a bit of a thing for images of the sky! Must be my country upbringing! 😉 Images are from Canva.

Anyway, it’s nice to be back and I hope you’ll join me again soon. Like I said in a previous post, as much as I’d love to do it, I don’t have the time to properly research and write up articles about social media marketing. However, I do read articles about it and I do produce images for use on social media, so I will continue sharing these here.

Speak soon,

Dawn xxx

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