Keeping busy

So, this week I’ve been busy building the business and I’m very glad to say I welcomed a new client. And I’m very pleased. Fingers crossed she likes what I do.

It’s very much been ‘same old same old’ this week. Like everyone else, I’ve just been working from home and doing the best I can. Apart from work, I’m still scriptwriting and writing a novel. It keeps me busy and out of trouble! 😆

So, this week, I thought I’d share some of the social media posts I have done for my author business. Hope you like them.

I like to use inspirational quotes on my author social media because they are often cheerful and positive.

Speak soon,

Dawn x

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Hi. I'm Dawn, the Canny Lass (or trying to be), and I'm an writer who is very much trying to be better at buying less and being greener. This is my blog to keep me on track. If you are interested in my writing, go to my other website:

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