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So, how’s your week been? I’ve been very busy as usual. I’ve taken on a new client, which is great. Really enjoying the variety in my social media work. It’s pretty varied now and I love that. Plus it’s keeping me really busy.

But not so busy that I haven’t been scouring some sites to get you some useful social media information if you’re doing your own social media marketing . Here’s my pick of this week:

Advice on “killer SEO techniques”

Four changes in marketing from 2020 and beyond

Social media firms face fine as part of crackdown on harmful content

How to make a Facebook Avatar

And here’s a wee roundup of what I’ve been doing lately for my clients. I’ve been playing about making small videos…I’m no Spielberg, but I think they’ve turned out well. I produce each video on WIN Movie Maker, in case you’re interested. It’s easy to use.

And some other posts too…

Right, I must be off. Got a whole load of other things to do before I put my feet up today. See ya.


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