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So, I’ve been experimenting with advertising in various places for my social media business and I already have a winner with regards the number of queries I’ve been getting. It’ll probably surprise you to learn that the biggest number of potential clients I have contacting me have come through an ad on Gumtree. Yes, it shocked me too. I would never have thought about advertising on Gumtree, but a friend of mine runs her business via ads on Gumtree and is very successful doing it. So, I thought I’d give it a try. It cost me £8.99 for an ad I put together myself and it’s working. Who would have thought it?

Anyway, how’s things with you? How is your business going? I’ve been upping my personal social media presence recently both for this business and for my author business. I’ve been building my followers and things are looking good.

So, some things I’ve been concentrating on this week are quotes from author. As an author myself, I love to read quotations from other authors and I particularly like them if they are used with a fantastic image. This morning, I was working on some for my own author social media platforms. Here are a couple of my favourites:

As a Facebook post.
The Pinterest version.
Facebook version.
Pinterest version.

I like to do these in several different sizes so I can use them in different social media platforms. As you can see, I always do a Pinterest version as this is a great way of raising awareness of my brand. I don’t do a hard sell on Pinterest, but the more I post the more people get to know me – particularly as an author.

Right, I will finish up here and bid you adieu. I have now switched hats from social media to writing. I am currently working on a tv series script, so I’ll blog again soon.


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