It’s such a strange time just now


Hello, how are you all? Hopefully, you’re all doing okay. This is my first post on this website for a few weeks. Truthfully, the whole Corona Virus thing just pulled the rug from under my feet, like it did everyone else, and it’s taken me a wee while to adjust to the new way of being. I was fine the first week, but it was the start of the second week that it really sunk in. However, being a somewhat positive person in my outlook, I decided to give myself one day of feeling down about it all and then picked myself up and got on with it.

Fortunately, not much has changed for me apart from not being able to go out and about and meet up with people. We’re trying to do that online, with tea or wine depending on the time of day (I’ve not slipped into daytime drinking yet! My kids are off school, so I’m not promising that won’t happen! Ha haha! ;-D). My business has felt the pain of the lockdown, like everyone else’s, but as I was only just beginning, so not too much. I’m lucky that I don’t rely on it for income.

Unfortunately, I do have friends who are small business owners who are feeling it and I just hope they can come out of this as unscathed as possible.

Anyway, I’m using this time to continue to upload social media for clients in the hope that after we come through this things can get as back to normal as it possibly can.


I’m using this time, though, to brush up on existing skills and learning new ones. I’ve being doing some courses on Masterclass (for my writing) and Udemy and playing around on various mediums (such as Canva and InDesign) to see where I can learn new things.

What have you all been up to? I hope you’ve been lucky enough to still be able to work from home.

The other area getting my attention is the garden. I am not a natural born gardener, but I have been out “doing stuff” in it. Got that on the agenda for today too.

Right, I am going to finish up here and wish you all well. Stay safe!

Dawn xxx




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