What is LinkedIn?

For anyone in employment or business, LinkedIn is the best platform for looking for new opportunities, finding a new job or hiring. It’s a great way of showcasing yourself and your business, linking in with other professionals and finding out lots of great info about a wide variety of businesses and organisations.

It’s basically Facebook for professionals.

Why should you be on it? You can network online; find a new job or advertise for staff; search for professionals, businesses, organisations and more; endorse others and be endorsed yourself; use your profile as your CV; get back in touch with old colleagues; and take part in relevant groups.

If you like, you can upgrade to Premium level which unlocks other functions that aren’t available to individual users. There are four packages:

– Learning Premium.. for people wanting to learn new skills and advance their careers.

– Business… for businesses looking to grow and build a network.

– Sales Navigator Pro… for professionals and businesses looking for sales leads.

– Recruiter Lite… for professionals and businesses who want to hire quality staff.

Messages posted to LinkedIn tend to be more serious than other social media platforms, more professional, but that’s not to say you still can’t have fun on it too.

Interested, go to LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com

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