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Hi, how’s things? I’ve been a busy bee working on some great social media posts and memes for my clients. However, I can’t share those yet as they haven’t been posted yet (they are going up this week). So, I’m going to share a few I did for my other business – as an author.

People are always telling me they want to write, but when I speak to them it usually turns out that they don’t read. You cannot be a writer without being a reader first. It just doesn’t make sense. How can you expect to be able to write well if you don’t read everything and anything? Reading is my way of improving of continually improving on my writing, it sparks new ideas and is a great way of relaxing.

Actually, writing is 100% hard work. I write every single day. If I’m not writing, I am planning the next bit of my book or the next campaign for a client.

Every writer’s dream… a best seller. I’ve been lucky, I’ve won a national award for my writing for children. I hope to do as well with my books for adults.

Books are wonderful. Not only do you improve on your writing, but you learn new stuff, you go to new places and you hear fantastic stories.

Why am I showing you these? Well, I think it’s important that all businesses have some sort of social media presence. And keep it updated. There’s no point setting up a Facebook page or Twitter, putting up one post and then forgetting all about it. You really should be posting something every day. In my author business, I don’t have the time to post a blog every single day, but what I can do is put up an image like those above. So, I take an hour or two once a week and I create these images so that I have something up every day. And it’s paid off as I’ve managed to greatly increase the number of followers I have on all four of my social media platforms.

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